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MØ first linked up with Diplo on "XXX 88," a track off the Danish singer's debut album No Mythologies to Follow. The pair teamed up again in early 2015 on the Major Lazer hit single "Lean On." a track that's been ubiquitous throughout 2015 and launched MØ to a new level of recognition. This honking horns-filled song finds MØ and Diplo joining forces for a third time.

MØ praised the creative energy that Diplo brings to their collaborations. "It's about making memorable songs but, more than that, it's about making pop music that wants to push boundaries," she said. "I've been loving all kinds of pop since I first fell in love with the Spice Girls, but pop needs to bring something new to the table, it needs balls. And that's what you get working with Diplo." Making 'Lean On' and being a part of that tornado these past eight months has been one of the greatest experiences in my life so far, and I'm super happy that 'Kamikaze' is made in a collaboration with the same group of my friends."

'Kamikaze' is a Japanese word meaning 'divine wind.' During World War II, it was applied to the suicide attacks by military aviators from the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels. Designed to destroy warships more effectively than was possible with conventional attacks, around 3,860 kamikaze pilots gave their lives in attacks when their bomb-loaded fighters crashed into Allied naval vessels. References to kamikaze in popular music include Cavalera Conspiracy' "Bonzai Kamikaze" about the Japanese pilots' fervor to sacrifice themselves for their country and a-ha's 1988 hit single "The Blood That Moves the Body" about the suicide attacks.

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