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"Cool About It" is a stripped-down acoustic number where Boygenius delve into three distinct encounters with former flames. Julien Baker recounts a moment of personal mortification, striving to maintain her composure and appear "cool about it." Lacy Dacus yearns for an apology from her ex, seeking to kindle a sense of remorse for past transgressions. Phoebe Bridgers, ever perceptive, peers into her ex's thoughts, unmasking the falsehoods behind their words. This song captures the complexities of post-relationship interactions, each artist offering their unique perspective on the emotional terrain of past love.

Boygenius recorded the song for their debut full-length album, The Record. In the record's liner notes, Boygenius credited Paul Simon for inspiring "Cool About It." The song's opening melody is an interpolation of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer."

The girls debuted "Cool About It" live at the Tibet House Benefit Concert on March 1, 2023. It was Boygenius' first live performance since 2018.

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