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"Escapism" is a trip-hop inspired song about dealing with emotional pain by pursuing hedonism. Following a breakup, Raye consumes coke, gets drunk, and sleeps with men rather than facing up to her feelings. She concludes the song by saying she has no regrets about her self-destructive episode, as she's forgotten her heartache. "Escapism is about running away from reality as fast as you possibly can," said Raye. "Going out alone, ignoring everybody who has your best interest at heart. Chasing a maze of smoke and mirrors because clarity is bitterly intimidating. When you're your lowest of lows, it's like survival mode mind numbing, running from real life because it's not something you want to see."

New Jersey rapper 070 Shake joins Raye on the track. She regrets the anger-fueled manic events, as reality is something you can't escape.

Raye wrote "Escapism" with Mike Sabath in a log cabin in Utah. The Los Angeles pop songwriter and producer has also worked with Camila Cabello ("Don't Go Yet") and Shawn Mendes ("It'll Be Okay").

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