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This piano-led track finds Olivia Rodrigo trying to wish her ex the best after he's moved on with another girlfriend. She hopes he's happy with his new sweetheart, but not as happy as he was with her.

Rodrigo recorded the song for her debut album, Sour, a record that shines the light on the painful "sour" emotions teenagers endure. This is one of several tracks where she examines her feelings of anger, jealousy and sadness when an ex leaves her for another girl. Some songs, including "Drivers License" and "Traitor," find her expressing her fury at his breaking her heart. This one finds her more resigned to the breakup and self-critical about her resentment towards his new girl.

This is one of two tracks on Sour that Rodrigo wrote on her own, the other being "Enough for You." She originally demoed the song back in 2020.

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