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Sleep Token is a British musical collective that was formed in London in 2016. The group's music is often described as a fusion of progressive metal, ambient music, and alternative rock. The band members are anonymous and perform under pseudonyms, with the perpetually tormented lead vocalist known as "Vessel." Sleep Token's members obscure their faces and remain silent on stage, wearing masks and cloaks that contribute to their anonymity and visual style. This approach has drawn comparisons to other bands like Ghost and Slipknot. The group incorporates symbolism and mysticism in their music, with prominent themes of spirituality and personal growth. In an interview with Metal Hammer at the time of their signing with Basick, frontman Vessel expanded on the band's lore. He explained that Sleep Token exists to serve Sleep and project his message. Vessel stated that Sleep is omnipresent and that he encountered Sleep in a dream, where he was promised glory and magnificence if he followed him. "The Summoning" is the second single from Sleep Token's third album, Take Me Back to Eden.

On "The Summoning" Vessel desires someone who is not yet his partner. He entertains the idea that the girl may be the one for him, even though he doesn't know her well enough to determine if she is a good match. I would be lying if I told you that I didn't wish that I could be your man Or maybe make a good girl bad Despite any potential flaws she may have, Vessel wants to connect with her and use his love to change her into a better person.

Vessel employs his atypical mystical language to express his infatuation for the girl: Something you say or something you do The taste of the divine You've got my body, flesh and bone, yeah The sky above, the Earth below

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4/4Time Signature


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2023 [PIAS] Recordings UK Limited
A Spinefarm / Silent Room Recordings release, 2023 [PIAS] Recordings UK Limited

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