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"Lady Gaga" is a wealth-based braggadocio track where Peso Pluma joins forces with his Mexican homies, Junior H and Gabito Ballesteros. There's no holding back as they flaunt their designer threads, fine ladies, private yachts and high-end whips. Junior H throws in a mention of "drugs" and "cocaine," as apparently he and his crew aren't shy about indulging in that scene.

The song title comes from the first line of the chorus: Dom Pérignon, Lady Gaga, lentes en la cara It translates as: Don Perignon Lady Gaga, glasses on the face Dom Pérignon is a brand of Champagne made by Moët & Chandon. For years they've collaborated with different artists, big shots, and designers to drop limited edition bottle designs. Here, Peso Pluma and Gabito Ballesteros are drinking one of the different collaborations that Dom Pérignon has made with Lady Gaga.

"Lady Gaga" is a track on Génesis, released through Pluma's own label, Double P Records, on June 22, 2023. 2023 was the year Peso Pluma's star rose to new heights, as he landed multiple songs on the Hot 100. Meanwhile, he was grinding hard on Génesis, a collection of Mexican music for which he brought together some true legends of the corridos tumbados scene. Junior H and Gabito Ballesteros are both leading lights of this most modern variant of the traditional corridos.

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3/4Time Signature


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Double P Records
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(P) 2023 Double P Records

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