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Here, Scott dives deep into the real deal of life, unraveling its twists and turns. He throws shout outs to the Almighty, thanking the Higher Power for every second he's rocking this ride. While he's showing love for the past, Scott's all about pushing ahead and keeping it moving.

Scott kicks off the track by hugging the wild ride of life, toasting to finding himself and leveling up. In the next verse, he spits about talking to the Man upstairs, asking for a cleanse from the dark whispers the Devil plants in his dome. Trouble is, that devilish vibe keeps hanging around, making it a real brawl to shake off those thoughts. He wraps up that verse with some divine gratitude for the journey and dives into the next one with the same vibe. But then things switch gears as Scott flexes on his grind and lasting success.

On the chorus, Kenyan-American artist KayCyy pours out gratitude to God for blessing him with life.

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4/4Time Signature


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Cactus Jack/Epic
(P) 2023 Cactus Jack Records under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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