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You said it's just the drugs and I know I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know Here, Travis Scott is high, drunk and horny. The dude craves some action with his shorty, but she's thinking he's just all about that lust vibe because of the substances and booze messing with his head. Scott owns up, admitting his moves aren't exactly sparking her interest. But hold up, he's putting her on notice – he's got a whole crew of other ladies digging his style, ready to jump on his hype.

Scott recorded "I Know" for Utopia. While the whole album is buzzing with guest appearances from numerous artists, this time around he's riding solo. Scott only goes it alone on six of the 19 tracks.

Scott is both a songwriter and producer on the song. The track was also written by Buddy Ross, Kobe Hood, Ozan Yidlrim (aka Oz), Terrance George and Scotty Coleman. Oz and Coleman are also credited as producers and Ross as an additional producer. While Coleman and Ross co-produced multiple tracks on Utopia, this is Swiss beatmaker Oz's only Utopia credit. His previous productions for Scott include "Sicko Mode" and "Highest In The Room."

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