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"Telekinesis" was originally "Future Sounds," a leftover demo gospel track that featured Travis Scott from Kanye West's 2021 album, Donda. After Yeezy didn't use the song, he passed it onto Scott, who heavily reworked it to feature Future and SZA.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind. Here, Travis Scott discusses his perspective on glimpsing into forthcoming events. The chorus, initially originating as his verse in "Future Sounds," delves into themes of the return of Jesus and the concept of everlasting life. I can see the future, it's lookin' like we level through the sky I can't wait to live in glory in eternal lastin' life Won't you take the wheel? And I recline and I sit still Might as well turn up now, He gon' pop up unannounced To the trumpets, do you like the way it sounds? Scott's ability to peer into the future comes from the eschatological vision outlined in the Book of Revelation, a segment of the Bible that prophesies the victorious return of Jesus, accompanied by the triumphant sound of trumpets.

"Telekinesis" is a slightly misleading title, as there's nothing here about the ability to move objects with the mind. It's possible Scott chose this title because he believes the ability to see the future is a form of telekinesis. He can see the future, and he knows that Jesus will return. In a way, he is able to move the future into the present moment. Perhaps titles like "Precognition" or "Prophecy" might have better captured the essence of the concept.

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