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Over lo-fi drums and sparkling synths, Lauv sings of an all-consuming passion. The lyrics describe the physical and emotional attraction that the singer feels for his lover.

Lauv released "Love U Like That" as a single on August 4, 2023. Prior to dropping the song, the Philadelphia singer came out as bisexual on social media. "I'm so insanely proud of this new song because it marks the beginning of a new era for me," Lauv said. "A song about realizing you're into something you didn't think you were into and empowering yourself to go for it and not judge yourself and let society or ideas sway you from it. It's the beginning of a journey, it's a proud start." "Obviously I've dated exclusively women in my life so far, " he added, "I don't really have any particular answers yet, other than it's something that I'm exploring in my music and exploring in my mind, and I'm going to be exploring in my life."

Co-directed by Lauv and Gian Rivera, the transformative video features a colorful and liberating journey of self-discovery. "This video is about freedom of expression and what it means to authentically be you," said Lauv. "It's about not being afraid to find the most authentic, truest version of yourself, even though it's a lifelong, evolving, process. I loved co-directing my first video and I hope it makes people feel like they don't have to settle for staying the person societal norms or their previous life experiences have told them they need to be and instead, open themselves up to new ways of expressing themselves."

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