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"Bad Idea Right?" is a playful '90s-style rocker about reconnecting with a former boyfriend. It captures those oh-so-familiar temptations and musings that dance through our minds when an ex comes knocking.

Rodrigo knows that reuniting with her old flame is a misstep. The fractures that led to their breakup remain, and months have passed without a word exchanged. Yet, here he is ringing her up, giving her his new address. The motive is unmistakable, an invitation for physical entanglement. My brain goes, "Ah" Can't hear my thoughts Like blah-blah-blah Should probably not Rodrigo had intended to spend the evening with her girlfriends, but the allure her ex exudes is so overwhelming it drowns out any rational discourse. I'm gettin' in the car, wreckin' all my plans I know I should stop, but I can't And I told my friends I was asleep But I never said where or in whose sheets So, Rodrigo embraces the temptation and drives to her ex's apartment.

Rodrigo wrote "Bad Idea Right?" alongside her regular collaborator, Dan Nigro, who also produced the track. Geffen Records released the crunchy guitar anthem as the second single from Guts on August 11, 2023.

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