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"Strangers" is a dance track with subtle drum and bass vibes. Kenya Grace delves into the relationship whirlpool where every new partner mirrors the behavior of past ones. Her hushed vocals barely rise above a whisper, yet they scream with emotion as she marks the end of another doomed romance.

Grace's frustration boils over as she laments the rinse-and-repeat nature of her love life: it starts hot and close, only to fizzle into distance and detachment. Always ends the same When it was me and you But every time I meet somebody new It's like déjà vu Grace is stuck in an endless loop, trapped in a cycle of love gone sour no matter who she's with. This relentless repetition leaves her feeling exposed and disenchanted, viewing love as fleeting and transient.

Kenya Grace wrote "Strangers" in the summer of 2023 in a tiny room in her house in the countryside. At first, all she had was the chorus, and nothing more. She shared the snippet on Instagram Reels and TikTok, and it struck a chord with her audience. Grace has a knack for conjuring up choruses quickly. Then, about a week later, she gets back in the headspace and fleshes out the rest of the song. Once she'd finished writing "Strangers," she joined forces with the track's guitarist Heavy Mellow (Jack Harlow, Halsey, and Juice WRLD) in the studio. After some mixing and mastering, the track was ready to roll, and she released it on September 1, 2023, via Warner Records' flagship dance label Major Recordings. The whole process was lightning fast.

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