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This song reflects the COVID lockdown when everything seemed to stand still. To To Madison Beer, it felt like the world stopped spinning and she was trapped in an anxious place. "It arrived as an idea before the pandemic," she told UK newspaper The Sun. "It was about feeling stuck and overwhelmed. And then it felt like the world really did stop spinning. The song didn't require a typical verse/chorus because it's an outpouring of emotions."

Madison Beer is a huge movie fan and "Spinnin" was inspired by several films and scenes. "The Truman Show was a huge inspiration for the song overall and then there's like a scene in a movie where like, I believe it's Vanilla Sky where he's like running through Times Square, and it's just completely empty," she told BBC Radio 1's Jack Saunders. "And there's like, no one there and that to me, that was very like, did the world stop spinning."

Madison Beer wrote the song with rapper and songwriter Jeremy "Kinetics" Dussolliet, and producers Leroy Clampitt, and Tim "One Love" Sommers.

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