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"Brilliant Mind" takes a deep dive into personal introspection, life on the streets, and the complexities of relationships. The chorus is Blanco's escape plan, drowning his troubles in Henny (Hennessy) – a metaphorical crutch. Snakes in the grass and reptilian lies hint at betrayal and deceit.

She gave me the Isaac Newton Law That brain, you know you got a brilliant mind Now, in the UK, "head" isn't just about brains. Blanco flips it, saying his lover's got a brilliant mind, hinting she's top tier in the oral sex game. He goes all Isaac Newton, drawing parallels to the 17th century polymath to describe her prowess between the sheets.

Blanco recorded "Brilliant Mind" for his second EP ReBourne. A play on words on the Bourne series, it is Blanco's second record named after a movie. His debut EP, City Of God, is titled after the 2002 Brazilian film.

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4/4Time Signature


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Believe UK
2023 Blanco under exclusive license to Believe UK
2023 Blanco under exclusive license to Believe UK

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