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"Too Sweet" is a boozy ballad where Hozier portrays himself as a guy who's more partial to a slug of whiskey and a lie-in than a sunrise and a kale smoothie. Meanwhile, his other half is a devotee of discipline, health, and early mornings. Now, there's nothing wrong with a bit of self-discipline, is there? But "Too Sweet" paints a picture of a love affair teetering on the edge thanks to a fundamental mismatch in energy levels. It's like trying to waltz with a hyperactive ferret.

"Too Sweet" was written for but left off Hozier's 2023 album Unreal Unearth, which was inspired by Dante's Inferno. The scenario in this song has all the makings of a relationship destined for the third circle of hell: gluttony, like the Unreal Unearth track "Eat Your Young." In this case, it's a hedonistic inclination towards indulgence, mirroring the gluttonous behavior associated with this sin.

The song landed up on Hozier's Unheard EP, which comprises four previously unreleased tracks that were recorded for Unreal Unearth but did not make the final track listing. Hozier said the quartet of songs "might've made it to the circles of gluttony, limbo, violence and the outward 'ascent,'" referring to Dante's Inferno, but they did not appear on the album "for different reasons."

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