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"So Long, London" throws open the blinds on a very public heartbreak. Widely assumed to be a farewell ballad from Taylor Swift to her former British boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, the song portrays a love affair dissolving amidst the rainy streets and mournful church bells of London.

Swift ditches the usual bitterness and rage, opting instead for a melancholic acceptance. The cracks in the relationship are highlighted in the second verse. "I stopped CPR, after all it's no use," she sings, the imagery eerily reminiscent of her 2023 track "You're Losing Me." Both songs use medical metaphors to depict the slow, agonizing demise of her relationship with Alwyn. "You're Losing Me" compared the relationship to a failing heart, while "So Long, London" uses CPR to highlight the futile attempts to revive a dying spark.

The outro is a sucker punch: Had a good run A moment of warm sun But I'm not the one It's a simple statement, yet it carries the weight of a relationship succumbing to the inevitable. You can practically hear her heart cracking with each syllable, a sentiment echoed by the mournful backing vocals that wouldn't feel out of place in a foggy London graveyard. While the Lover track "London Boy" served as a welcome to Alwyn and his home city, this song serves as the goodbye to both.

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