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Redbone, their name a nod to their heritage, was a Native American band from Coalinga, California, led by the brothers Pat and Candido ("Lolly") Vasquez. They were managed by Bumps Blackwell, who guided Little Richard and Sam Cooke to success. To avert discrimination, he convinced the brothers to use a different last name, so they became known as Pat and Lolly Vegas. Redbone earned an audience playing clubs on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles at the same time The Doors were on that scene. A self-titled double album was their debut in 1970, introducing their funky rock rhythms and distinctive percussion, which they called the "King Kong Beat." In 1972 they scored with "The Witch Queen Of New Orleans," which reached #21 US and #2 UK, and in 1973 they released their most famous song, "Come And Get Your Love," on their fifth album, Wovoka. The song was written by Lolly Vegas, who also sang lead on the track.

In this song, Lolly Vegas tells his girl that she's perfect the way she is. "What's the matter with your hair?" he asks, before explaining that there's nothing wrong with her mind, her sign, or anything else. It's a very affirmative song where he encourages her to take what she deserves; to come and get her love.

You're not likely to forget the title of this song. The chorus is comprised of the same line, "Come and get your love," repeated four times. The verses are very compact, so after two minutes we've already heard the first two verses and two chorus repetitions. The song then goes into a bridge, which repeats variations on the chorus: Come and get your love Come and get your love Come and get your love now The chorus comes back for the outro, with Lolly Vegas throwing in some "La la la la..." vocalizations between lines as the song fades. In all, there are 29 repetitions of the title in just a 3:30 running time.

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