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The rumor mill went into overdrive when Billie Eilish's "Lost Cause" video dropped in 2021. Here she was, at a slumber party full of girlfriends, and fans and journalists alike saw it dripping with homoerotic subtext. Then in late 2023, Eilish cut to the chase in a Variety cover story, admitting she was "attracted to [women] for real." A month later, a red carpet reporter asked Eilish if her comments during her interview were intended as a coming-out statement. In response, she stated that she believed her sexual orientation was already obvious. Any lingering doubts are obliterated with "Lunch," the second track on Hit Me Hard and Soft. This is full-on, unabashed lust for another woman. Eilish throws out food metaphors like confetti – "I could eat that girl for lunch" – sung over a heavy bassline that ends up a full-blown club banger.

Writing "Lunch" was a journey of self-discovery for Eilish and helped her explore and solidify her feelings of attraction to other women. "I wrote some of it before even doing anything with a girl, and then wrote the rest after," she told Rolling Stone. "I've been in love with girls for my whole life, but I just didn't understand - until, last year, I realized I wanted my face in a vagina. I was never planning on talking about my sexuality ever, in a million years. It's really frustrating to me that it came up."

"Lunch" is track two on Eilish's third album, Hit Me Hard and Soft. The outro of the first track, "Skinny," segues into "Lunch," a signature Eilish move. She's done this before with "Bury A Friend" segueing into "Ilomilo," and "Not My Responsibility" melting into "Overheated."

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