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This is the first single from English R&B singer-songwriter Adele's second album 21. The song was written and produced by Adele and British producer Paul Epworth, who is best known for manning the boards for Bloc Party and Florence and the Machine, and also for his work on Everything Is New, the second release from Adele's chum, Jack Peñate. Adele describes the single as a "dark bluesy gospel disco tune."

On this revenge song, Adele lays into a former boyfriend. "It's me making a bit of a statement," she told Q Magazine. "People will hear it and go, Wow, she ain't mucking around."

Adele described the song to Spin magazine as a kiss-off to an unfaithful dude. "It's me saying, 'Get the f--k out of my house instead of me begging him to come back," she said. "It's my musical equivalent of saying things in the heat of the moment and word-vomiting," she added. "It was my reaction to being told my life was going to be lonely and boring and rubbish, and that I was a weak person if I didn't stay in the relationship. I was very insulted, and wrote that as a sort of f--k you."

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XL Recordings
2011 XL Recordings Ltd
2011 XL Recordings Ltd

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