Lovers on the Sun (feat. Sam Martin)

2014 Released

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This summer jam features American singer-songwriter Sam Martin on vocals. Martin is the lead singer of the band Con Bro Chill, which he founded with his brother and also has writing credits on several of Maroon 5's tunes, including their hit single "Daylight."

The song was co-produced by Avicii and plugs into a similar country/folk/EDM hybrid as the Swedish DJ's own "Wake Me Up."

This features guitar work by Mike Einziger of the rock band Incubus. The multi-instrumentalist also co-wrote the track. (He also co-penned "Wake Me Up.")

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Key, BPM (tempo) and time signature of Lovers on the Sun (feat. Sam Martin).
F♯ Key
Minor Mode
4/4 Time Signature
125 BPM

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