Mr Loverman

2016 Released


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bedroom bops
3 Followers 5h 55m
imagine being in a neon-lit room and emotionally crying over why you can't be so hot...
1 Follower 7h 15m
pov: bu veni has become ur aa for three years straight
0 Followers 1h 45m
no one fucking touch me
let’s matching socks
5 Followers 8h 42m
i will give you my last kinder joy, last piece of my koyo cabe, last broth of my indomie kuah, last piece of my corneto, my first bite of sushi geprek, the richeese sauce, let you pick the song choices…
0 Followers 70h 52m
all music
0 Followers 5h 3m
let us all pray this is all dmca safe
i’m not really here i’m in another reality
0 Followers 43m
i’m day dreaming or sleeping or maybe even something in between
1 Follower 2h 25m
for him <3

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