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This is the oldest song on Speak Now - Taylor first performed the song live back in 2008. The chorus remains the same since its original outing, but some of the verses have been changed. During an online chat with Ustream, Taylor explained why she included the song on Speak Now: "I played that song at one or two shows, and you guys really jumped on it and made it something I had to put on the album, because you guys really showed interest in it."

Taylor sings in this song of an attraction to a guy who is "a bad idea." She explained the lyrics on her website: "'Sparks Fly' is about falling for someone who you maybe shouldn't fall for, but you can't stop yourself because there's such a connection and chemistry. This is a song I wrote a few years ago and I have been working on it ever since. It's been awesome to see it change over the years. The fans have heard it before in concert, but there have been some really cool changes that I am very proud of."

So who is the guy that Taylor is so attracted to? One much-supported theory is that the song is about a celebrity crush for Jake Owen, whom the singer opened up for in Portland when she was just 16. Interestingly, the phrase "PORTLAND OREGON" is spelled out in code on Speak Now's liner notes for this tune.

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