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This is a cover of the 1964 song by The Kinks. It was the first hit for The Kinks, and became famous for its distorted guitar sound, which many bands began to copy.

This was Van Halen's first single. They learned a bunch of Kinks songs when they were just starting out (in part because David Lee Roth had one of their greatest hits albums), and often played them at their shows when they were still a bar band. "They sounded good and they were great to dance to," David Lee Roth said. When it came time for Van Halen to record their first single, they chose "You Really Got Me," since they had refined it after years performing it. In 1982, they released another Kinks kover, "Where Have All The Good Times Gone?," which appears on their album Diver Down.

There is a track before this on the album called "Eruption," which is an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo that leads into it. Disc jockeys often played the 2 songs together, but as computerized playlists and corporate programmers took control of radio stations, "Eruption" is rarely played.

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