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In this song, Taylor Swift flips the script on the archetypical high school scene of homecoming queens and marching bands to convey confusion and angst. The game is still being played, but her team is "losing, battered and bruising." There is a happy ending though, as she finds her Heartbreak Prince to help her get through it. "This song is about disillusionment with our crazy world of politics and inequality, set in a metaphorical high school," Swift explained in a Spotify storyline. "I wanted it to be about finding one person who really sees you and cares about you through all the noise."

Some of the lines in the lyric are punctuated by cheers you would hear at a typical pep rally: Go! Fight! Win! Swift did these herself - her voice was processed to make them sound like a squad.

Swift wrote and produced this song with Joel Little, who worked with her on three other songs on Lover, including "Me!" Little, a New Zealander, rose to renown working with Lorde. The two other tracks on Lover that Little contributed to contain a political message: "You Need To Calm Down" (homophobia) and "The Man" (patriarchy).

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