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"A Lot's Gonna Change" is the opening track of Weyes Blood's Titanic Rising album. The record has a thematic undercurrent of anxiety running through it as the singer yearns for a return to the simpler times of childhood. "There's been so many paradigm shifts in my lifetime," Weyes Blood explained to Uncut magazine. "That's what 'A Lot's Gonna Change' is about - how I never could have perceived the kind of drastic changes that have happened over the course of my adulthood. That's a lot to digest. I find that making music about it and trying to ease the passing and give people hope is a great way to deal with it."

Titanic Rising received universal acclaim from music critics. Uncut chose it as their album of the year for 2019, with the magazine calling it a "remarkable transcendent album."

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Sub Pop Records
2019 Sub Pop Records
2019 Sub Pop Records

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