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The British producers Tony Macaulay and Barry Mason wrote this song with Sylvan Mason, who was Barry's wife at the time. (Sylvan is often uncredited, but her divorce agreement provides hard evidence that she co-wrote this song and the Tom Jones hit "Delilah.") The song is about a free spirit named Rosemary who leaves the singer besotted. Many have claimed to be the actual Rosemary the song is about, but Sylvan Mason says that like Delilah, no such person exists. She told Songfacts: "Tony [Macaulay] came over with a melody and rough idea for a song, which title originally was 'It's My Heart You'll Be Breaking Apart,' but he said he wanted to put a girl's name in the title because that's what sold records in those days. The girl's name Rosemary fitted with the title so we started the song from scratch merely using the name Rosemary."

Macaulay and Barry Mason recorded the song using session musicians. When it became a hit, they put together a band from members of the group Greefield Hammer in order to perform it live. McCaulay eventually put together another group using the Edison Lighthouse name.

A session singer named Tony Burrows sang lead. He was the voice of several studio groups, including White Plains, The Pipkins, and Brotherhood Of Man, First Class ("Beach Baby") and the Flowerpot Men ("Let's Go To San Francisco"). He famously appeared on one UK TV show three times in one night when three different groups (all fronted by him) were due to perform their current chart hits. He said, "I just kept changing hats."

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