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Playlist of songs that I like even though I only listen to 1% of them majority of the time. Basically just a sorted out version of my liked songs.
Not Rap
1 Follower 126h 21m
Rocker Boy
2 Followers 22h 38m
old school metal 1.2
0 Followers 8h 30m
Fingolfin's Legacy
4 Followers 4h 46m
For the king for the land for the mountains, For the green valleys where dragons fly, For the glory the power to win the black lord. Powermetal rules.
how does it keep getting better?
0 Followers 64h 43m
meine everything-playlist
Poucas ideias
2 Followers 42h 57m
Mais uma terça-feira
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Várias músicas pra pular até chegar na que quero escutar de verdade.

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