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starry skies and cloudy minds
2 Followers 10h 20m
prog metal
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Hey Music!
17 Followers 101h 26m
For every one in every mood!
Hey Music Hard!
6 Followers 34h 2m
For every one in a hard mood!
The Eclectica
7 Followers 236h 40m
Just a playlist of all kinds of stuff
Progressive Madness [MPL]
1 Follower 104h 3m
The many facets of modern Progressive Rock, Metal and Jazz through the filter of my personal taste. Djent, Math Rock, Retro Prog, Avantgarde and many others (Master playlist merged from my prog playlists via Intellimerge for Spotify) | #log:21-Jul-21: +2; | 20-Jul-21: +1; | 19-Jul-21: +1; | 17-Jul-21: +1; | 12-Jul-21: +2; |
14 Followers 23h 20m
Awesome Metal Ballads
5 Followers 12h 33m
The soft side of metal.

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