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La Dispute

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coming out as mentally ill
3 Followers 22h 23m
emo compilation
1 Follower 49h 53m
um compilado das playlists de musicas emo e não emo(mas as pessoas chamam de emo) e math rock q dá pra chamar de emo tbm
Est. 1982
0 Followers 3h 6m
new music finally ah gawd damn
Cremated Baby Soup :)
3 Followers 44h 34m
Songs that make you wanna scream out the window and aimlessly run onto train-tracks into the undetermined
[ untitled #1 ]
0 Followers 35h 50m
my favorites ?? idk tbh :o)
Indie + Alternative
0 Followers 20h 47m
The Eclectica
7 Followers 236h 45m
Just a playlist of all kinds of stuff

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