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Confusing Paradise

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Inner Workings
0 Followers 135h 50m
From everything to nothing back to everything
Progressive Madness [MPL]
1 Follower 105h 13m
The many facets of modern Progressive Rock, Metal and Jazz through the filter of my personal taste. Djent, Math Rock, Retro Prog, Avantgarde and many others (Master playlist merged from my prog playlists via Intellimerge for Spotify) | #log:27-Nov-21: +121 -121; | 26-Nov-21: +220 -218; | 17-Nov-21: +254 -254; | 15-Nov-21: +30 -28; | 12-Nov-21: +1; |
Metal Infusion [MPL]
2 Followers 72h 56m
The many facets of metal and metal influenced music through the filter of my personal taste. Do not expect too extreme growling and thrashing! (Master playlist merged from my metal playlists via Intellimerge for Spotify) | #log:18-Nov-21: +47 -47; | 15-Nov-21: +2; | 12-Nov-21: +2; | 9-Nov-21: +100 -100; | 4-Nov-21: +1; |
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