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Carbon Based Lifeforms

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Pure Ambient
2.1K Followers 7h 28m
Almost exclusively beat-less ambient + a touch of neoclassical #ambient #drone #meditation #relax #zen. Akira Kosemura, Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Alaskan Tapes, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and many others more or less known. Regular updates | Submit here :
Lo-fi, minimal, electronic, spiritual, bleeps, jazz hop, lofi hiphop
1.2K Followers 35h 34m
∆ Hoppy, smooth and vibey. ∆ Contact @antuen on instagram for submissions ∆ Have something good to eat or drink and close your eyes - sit down, kick back, relax and enjoy.
Mysterious Universe (music from)
2.6K Followers 123h 46m
Music played on the Mysterious Universe podcast.
Chill V2
0 Followers 9h 3m
A remake of a playlist I made back in 2019. These are tracks that I feel fit the mood of sitting down in VRChat and trying to fall asleep.
3 Followers 120h 45m
This is my massive playlist I have been making since 2018. Have fun exploring my extremly weird music taste.
The Eclectica
7 Followers 241h 48m
Just a playlist of all kinds of stuff
Just instrumental
0 Followers 1h 13m
0 Followers 14h 45m

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