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Hey Music!
17 Followers 101h 26m
For every one in every mood!
Hey Music Hard!
6 Followers 34h 2m
For every one in a hard mood!
Dark me 🏴
0 Followers 1h 27m
Another day to get sadness
Fingolfin's Legacy
3 Followers 4h 41m
For the king for the land for the mountains, For the green valleys where dragons fly, For the glory the power to win the black lord. Powermetal rules.
14 Followers 23h 20m
Awesome Metal Ballads
5 Followers 12h 33m
The soft side of metal.
Awesome Metal
9 Followers 14h 53m
The greatest metal songs of all time.
symphonic metal
0 Followers 118h 7m

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