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Michael Bublé made frequent appearances on the Canadian national talk show hosted by Vicki Gabereau, and when scheduled guests had to cancel, the show's producer would often give him a call to fill in. As well as giving him a lot of exposure, his appearances on the show helped him perfect his television skills as a performer and as an interview guest. He appeared on Vicki Gabereau's final show in 2005.

The Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney heard about Michael Bublé from an aide, and invited him to sing at his daughter Caroline's wedding. At the wedding, Bublé was introduced to David Foster, an award winning producer and record executive who later produced an album for Michael Bublé.

When Michael Bublé was 16 he had his first singing engagements in nightclubs, which were arranged by his Italian grandfather, Demetrio Santaga, who would offer his plumbing services in exchange for stage time for his grandson. His grandfather also paid for his singing lessons, and Bublé claims that his grandfather was his best friend while he was growing up.


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