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The Pogues formed in London in 1982 and hit it big after opening for The Clash in 1984. They were soon signed to Stiff Records and the label released their first album in October 1984. They were originally called Pogue Mahone, an Irish slang phrase that means "Kiss me arse." The band changed their name after getting a record deal with Stiff Records in the early '80s.

Joe Strummer from The Clash became the lead singer of The Pogues when frontman Shane MacGowan was fired from the band in 1991. MacGowan was let go after missing several dates on The Pogues' tour and was unwilling to help the band promote their latest album Hell's Ditch. Spider Stacy took over lead vocals when Strummer left in 1993.

Elvis Costello helped The Pogues record their second album Rum Sodomy & the Lash in 1985. The disc's title comes from a quote commonly attributed to former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.


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