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Kevin and Colm first met at a karate tournament in South Dublin in 1978. They became fast friends with a shared musical goal: "When Colm and I started out in Dublin years ago we were determined not do anything that wasn't totally original. So we messed around with excruciating noises." Those noises eventually developed into a groundbreaking genre called shoegazing, known for building walls of sound by using heavy distortion and feedback paired with ethereal vocals, along with the introverted stage presence of band members staring down at their shoes. MBV's second album, Loveless, is hailed as the epitome of the genre.

They took their name from the 1981 Canadian slasher flick My Bloody Valentine about a killer who wreaks havoc in a mining town on Valentine's Day.

After the critical success of Loveless, the band scored a deal with Island Records for their follow-up album. However, much of their advance was wasted on building a new and unsatisfactory studio, and the pressure to craft another masterpiece proved to be too much for Kevin. Legend has it, he locked himself away for years in a house surrounded by barbed wire, with only chinchillas to keep him company. Kevin admits to the barbed wire and chinchillas, but claims rumors of his insanity were greatly exaggerated.


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