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Radio Whiteroom
57 Followers 34h 14m
Enjoy your minutes and stay focued.
0 Followers 36m
Stereophonic Headphone Showcase: Best Examples of Pan and Stereo Effects for Earphones
1.1K Followers 9h 49m
Songs that dance around in your headphones from the left and right, front and back, up and down and everything in between. All genres and generations, from David Bowie and Classic Rock to Flume and Hybrid Trap.
how it's going to be
0 Followers 2h 51m
liked songs
0 Followers 18h 18m
crying in the club
5 Followers 3h 50m
EDM vibes/bangers that are (low/highkey) sad
Get Caught in the Trap!
73 Followers 118h 15m
Started as a primarily trap platlist. Gradually evolved as my EDM music taste did.

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