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Two Steps from Hell

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Hit the 🤍 below to save this playlist, it will help you stay motivated even when you are about to give up!
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Study/Chill 🧐
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✨Liked songs✨
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all songs that i like, but haven't filtered into playlists yet :) (also, yes. this is a shitpost playlist)
Ear Wax Alchemy
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I-J's Johnlock Playlist 2.0
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A playlist filled with songs that remind us of John and Sherlock, submitted to Steph on tumblr (inevitably-johnlocked). Please enjoy! -Created on 06/07/19-
Celtic Music
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Look at the sun, but don't turn your back on the storm // witch, viking songs, Dragon Age, elven, elf, epic music from movies, druide, Brave, instrumental, writing, fantasy music, celtic tale, scottish songs, irish village music, inspiring, folk music, medieval ambient, tavern songs, pagan music

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