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emo compilation
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um compilado das playlists de musicas emo e não emo(mas as pessoas chamam de emo) e math rock q dá pra chamar de emo tbm
i punch nazis for fun
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ik not of these are punk and idc
músicas novas
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Regretful Planet 🌎
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Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative rock, Classic rock, Post-grunge, Folk rock, Blues rock, Mellow gold, Soft rock, Grunge, Modern alternative rock, Country rock, Yacht rock, Old school trash ...
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Just graduated from pebble! long way to boulder
Pop-Punk Classics! 🍕🛹🎸🍻
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A fusion of bubblegum pop melodies, upbeat tempos and punk rock cranked guitars. Here we have the best classics of pop-punk music during the 90s and early 00's.
rock and roll never dies
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