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After the breakup of Kyuss in 1995, Josh Homme played for various bands (Screaming Trees, Earthlings? and Soundgarden), before founding a new band in 1997 together with his ex-Kyuss bandmates Olivieri and Hernandez as well as Earthlings?'s Catching. The Band was originally called "Gamma Ray," but after a lawsuit by a German Metal band of the same name, the changed it to "Queens of the Stone Age."

They are probably the most famous band from what critics call "stoner rock," even though they reject that term.

The only consistent member of the band is founder Josh Homme, other members change frequently. When questioned in an interview with Ultimate Guitar in March 2007 about the band settling down with one lineup, Homme replied with the following: "Does it seem like there will be? I don't know. Long ago I lost the opportunity to be in U2 - where it's the same four guys. I respect that, but at the same time this is the search to try to take advantage of playing with certain people, even if they can't stay, and then there's other times that you need to humble yourself at the altar of music, and if you don't (makes a throat cutting motion).


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