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rm -rf *
16 Followers 18h 1m
You're the fasted click in the west Cowboy. Ctrl Alt Del by the digital campfire 💾
The Kids Have Won
4 Followers 21h 31m
made by passionate young people. BENEE is the cover
Tape Music
3 Followers 37h 26m
sunshine breaks the window, and now I'm high all week. my favorite chocolate cake, this one sparks joy
Praying for The Metro
1 Follower 57h 16m
Don't talk to me, I'm going home. Time and space altering loading screen music
Everyday I Miss Bumping Shoulders
2 Followers 5h 57m
Dancing in short shorts and tattered polos on freshly cut grass. Occasionally a Mk.gee / Toro shrine, but mostly a bbq bubble
it was fun, farewell
0 Followers 2h 54m
Vibe with me
26 Followers 17h 22m
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