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sit back and relax
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sunlight through a window
4 Followers 3h 1m
crush culture // k-pop songs that evoke romantic daydreams & wistful, slightly hopeless sighs
one last stop for the night
1 Follower 1h 32m
am i imagining things, or are we falling apart? // k-indie songs that echo the feeling of going on a road trip with your friend, or lover, or both. it was a fun idea, but... you can't help but feel like you're drifting away from each other with every tourist attraction you pass.
"not much, wbu?"
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asian pop songs for reading/studying/chilling out in general // hang around for a while
k r n b
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똑같은 사랑노래가
all ... literally
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basically all the music i listen to
k, simp.
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korean music for when you're sad and no one wants to hear it.

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