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all added together from my shit (new my own bangers)
my 2021 tunes
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the songs that have defined my 2021
Chill 😤😓😈
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♡B̾i̾l̾l̾ ̾s̾k̾a̾r̾s̾g̾a̾r̾d̾♡
1 Follower 2h 16m
uma playlist pro meu marido aham
alice’s essential playlist
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i don’t even listen to half of the songs in here
☆coots way☆
2 Followers 96h 55m
my main playlist asf creds to miss emily from QB for the name 🌝
giggle wiggle
1 Follower 58h 13m
idk just a playlist to listen to while doing hw

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