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Grace Martine Tandon is a Pennsylvania native of Indian, German, and Irish descent, who records under the name of Daya. "I changed my name to Daya; that's my stage name," the singer told ABC Radio. "It's because I wanted a little more privacy in my home life, and I think that Daya really gives me that. And I really love the name. I think it's really great for my image... it's a loose translation of my real name, Grace, in Hindi, and my grandfather emigrated from India."

Daya started playing the piano at the age of three, switching from classical to jazz piano eight years later. By this time, she had also learned to play the guitar and ukulele.

Daya's professional career began in January 2015 when she was invited to LA for a writing session with Gino Barletta [JoJo, Miranda Cosgrove, Jessica Mauboy] at Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles. One of the songs created in this initial songwriting session was "Hide Away" which became her first hit single in the US.


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