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Get Caught in the Trap!
73 Followers 118h 15m
Started as a primarily trap platlist. Gradually evolved as my EDM music taste did.
Chill(ectronic) Vibes
20 Followers 54h 56m
For that special someone who has absolutely no chill. More chill EDM/Trap/Instrumentals than my main EDM playlist.
The Neutron Style
3 Followers 49h 26m
Later Ni-
EDM/Indie 🔥
1 Follower 166h 47m
Put it on shuffle play ‍ 🔀
0 Followers 35h 33m
all added together from my shit
Planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do
19 Followers 33h 59m
Songs in english - David Bowie, Queen, Beatles, Nico Vega and so many others
car jams
1 Follower 52h 44m
subwoofer sometimes go brrrr
Warning: Toxic
7 Followers 321h 16m
All of my mess. Random assorted stuff. Mess of everything.

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