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drifting into unconsciousness
2 Followers 1h 30m
k-pop songs for... for..... f....... zZzZz
"not much, wbu?"
2 Followers 15h 57m
asian pop songs for reading/studying/chilling out in general // hang around for a while
all ... literally
2 Followers 116h
basically all the music i listen to
nct sad song club
8 Followers 1h 20m
tears are falling down with their angelic voice to complete your ✨ soft side✨ cover photo taken by johnny
músicas novas
0 Followers 561h 38m
os tal dos national childbirth trust
0 Followers 10h 13m
(almost) all nct U/nct 127/nct dream/wayv songs+solos!
3 Followers 87h 45m
i just trew a bunch of random songs here and called it a playlist

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