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off the wall
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All genres.
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we definitely had the same childhood // my favourite decade to ever exist
Power Ballads:The Essential 500
92 Followers 55h 11m
The 500+ Essential Power ballads. Hand picked ballads from the catalogues of real Heavy Metal & Rock bands. More than 250 Bands and Artists included in this list. Play it loud
Classic Rocket Booster 500
3 Followers 35h 10m
Land hard on this Masterly picked classic rock collection 60s-70s-80s. Just ensure you packed enough juice for the journey home.
Rock|Metal|Pop [+6,000]
63 Followers 482h
The first 500 songs have a subtle transition between genres. Persistently adding new songs to the mix for current followers. If your seeking new jams or forgotten ones, consider yourself lucky. Go get yourself a cold beer because you stumbled upon the Big Daddy

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