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I don't do drugs but if I did I would put this on
2020 //
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Photo by Folkert Gorter/Superfamous Images. Used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
Keta met Greta
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Unique trippy tunes along various synthetic genres. List is ordered from light to heavier sounds.
Warning: Toxic
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All of my mess. Random assorted stuff. Mess of everything.
Putar ini saat kumat.
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Stay sane, and (maybe) stay alive. Credit pic: Bertha Wegmann
Lonely, some quietly wander in the hall of stars.
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• ambient • post-rock • shoegazing • atmospheric music that combined orchestral arrangements with electronic beats, piano and droning guitar • best with earphone • let your mind wander •
Life is a dancing mind, and wandering thoughts.
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post rock and ambient stuff.
Fav DnB
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