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fluorescent adolescent
1 Follower 5h 9m
sad gays aka that one playlist i always come back to in the end
0 Followers 24h 15m
Playlist of my all time favourite songs
6 Followers 428h 17m
Playlist of songs that I like even though I only listen to 1% of them majority of the time. Basically just a sorted out version of my liked songs.
Music farm
1 Follower 207h 3m
main big large canyon
Kool 108 but kooler
2 Followers 36h 13m
white dad age 49 named stan music
rock and stuff
0 Followers 45h 45m
Hands outside the car's window on the road
3 Followers 6h 37m
The plan: Kombi, blankets, energetic, candy, some money, maps, camera, books, jeans jacket, all stars, the perfect playlist and the road. L.E.T.S G.E.T O.U.T O.F. H.E.R.E.
só as veia maneirassa
0 Followers 2h 43m
músicas de rock/punk antigas

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