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Green Day were one of the latter-day punk bands to emerge from the 924 Gilman Street club scene in Berkeley, California. Champions of East Bay punk-pop, their mid-'90s success helped bring punk briefly to the forefront of the music industry, which caused a backlash among some fans who accused them of "selling out."

After their first two independent releases, Green Day developed a fervent fanbase, which prompted a bidding war among record labels eager to sign them. They milked the attention for all it was worth, allowing labels to pay for trips, dinners and alcohol even though they had no interest in most of them. They made one suitor take them to Disneyland.

Billie Joe recorded and released his first single, "Looking For Love," at the age of 5 on Fiat records. The first song he wrote and then recorded was "Why Do You Want Him?" when he was 12.


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