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In 1998, they embarked on the "Ladies Night in Cambodia" tour, where the first 200 women to show up each night (100 in some venues) were admitted free. Clutch and Sevendust were also on the tour.

In a Songfacts interview with Wes Borland, he explained that coming up with the band's guitar riffs isn't that hard. "The slinky sort of whammy bar-ish heavy Limp Bizkit riffs, I can just s--t those out all day long without any feeling," he said. "Those are just what sounds cool to me."

Limp Bizkit had two #1 albums in America, but no Top 40 hits. This division between chart success and album sales demonstrates how the band was ignored by radio stations despite their popularity (airplay is a criterion for the Hot 100). They were playlist poison, since for every fervent Limp Bizkit fan there were many listeners who couldn't stand them. Their sound didn't play well alongside the traditional hits, so only the most daring Rock stations gave them any love.


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